Contagious Attitudes!

I remember when I was pregnant with my rainbow child Anthony aka Priceless, I made a choice to keep a positive attitude. 

Yes, at times I felt scared and the enemy or the inner me continued one thought continuously... what if my baby didn't make it again? 

Then I had to look back at God's track record and all the wonderful rhema words spoken over my life. I had to choose to be positive. I had to choose to press forward and expect a healthy baby born born living. I had to keep positive people around me. 

I had to stay in prayer whether on my way to work, at work, at lunch, on my way home, and at home. I had to choose to take what some if the medical professionals spoke over me, as grains of salt because their focus was on Kings death not Anthony's life.

As a result of my positive attitude, and me fighting for my baby. The Attitude of some of tbr people around me went from worry, doubt, unknown to preparing for God's blessing, my son. He was born healthy and I love him dearly.

Note: Press through your pain into your purpose!

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