Forever King!

This next chapter in my life is dedicated to my son King Josiah Sims! I have thought of him often during this upcoming holiday season called Thanksgiving.

 A day that we go around with our families and we say what we are thankful for. For the past three years, the first thing that came to my mind is what do I have to be thankful for...

God gave me my son King, He allowed me to carry my son to term, He allowed me to experience finding out he was a boy,  He allowed me to experience seeing King alive and his heart bearing via ultrasound. He allowed me to experience having a baby shower, He allowed me to experience opening each and every gift that was sent to me or given to me, He allowed me to experience going on maternity leave,  He allowed me to fill my son King move and turn and roll and then the ultimate feeling of Stillness...

 Although I did not see my son's eyes in the natural outside of my womb, outside of the tunnel of life, outside of my incubator that carried him in this earth alive.

I was able to still see his body, I was able to still see his beautiful pink lips, his plump cheeks, his beautiful eyebrows, his curly black hair, his little tiny hands. I was able to softly caress his feet which were so smooth.I was able to hold my King.

 I asked a wonderful artist if he would depict my son and he gave me this beautiful gift that I know the Holy Spirit dropped into his Spirit to translate in art simply showing my son King being carried in the arms of my Papa, my father God and I know he's okay, I know he's alright, I know that he is still alive and I will see him again!

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