Grief during the Holiday Seasons

 As Christmas approaches, I begin to contemplate how grief can take over your life, especially during the Holiday season... if you let it.

 Remembering the death or passing of my son King made me sad during Holidays. I found myself withdrawing from family, friends, and church family. I remember visiting his grave site looking at his headstone.

 I remember crying and finding myself putting on a front for my boys so they could get through Christmas without crying. I remember wondering why me... 

A beautiful soul told me a very pivotal statement that made my heart heavy but finally started the process of healing... Why NOT you... Why are you exempt from pain, from child loss, did the other parents deserve it but YOU didn't. When questioning why... Question it from a place of purpose and not pity! That blew my mind. 

So for all those who have that question, remember God loves you so much. He wants to console you. He was to wrap you in his love. He wants to give you HIS peace. Be gentle on yourself. Sending my prayers to you.  

#Christmas #love #grief #childloss #death #stillbirth #miscarriage

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